Visit Kyotos Amazing Zen Gardens in a Private Half Day Tour

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Visit some of the most beautiful gardens of the Kyoto temples, have Matcha tea while watching the gardens and feel the “wabi-sabi” concept. We will also tell you the secret of enjoying Japanese gardens and meditation practices.n


Visit some of the most beautiful gardens in Kyoto. * Try short meditation. * Visit nearby temples and shrines. * Enjoy tea time. * Do what locals do.


This is a private or semi private half-day tour. If youre a nature lover and want to immerse yourself in rustic tranquility, this tour is a must!”, Japanese gardens are traditional gardens that create miniature idealized landscapes, often in a highly abstract and stylized way. The gardens of the Buddhist temples were designed for contemplation and meditation. We can also tell you the secret of enjoying Japanese gardens and meditation practices. * Itinerary: * 9:00 Meet at Kyoto Station West exit. * u3000u3000u3000u3000 * Move to Tofukuji JR Station (one stop) * Walk to Unryuin Temple passing by Sennyuji Temple. (15 minutes) * Enter to Unryuin Temple (a subtemple of Sennyuji Temple). Try a short meditation while watching the garden. Feel your inward thoughts through 2 windows: “the Window of Delusion” and “the Window of Enlightenment”. * Enjoy Matcha tea with sweets. * Walk to Tofukuji Temple through the beautiful Gaun bridge. (10 minutes) * Enter to Tofukuji Temples “Honbo •_¤arden” designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty. * The gardens arranged at the four quarters are designed by Mirei Shigemori (a famous garden builder who expresses the simplicity of Zen with the abstract construction of modern arts). * 13:00 End the tour * You can visit “Fushimi Inari” grand shrine in the afternoon – its only one stop from JR Tofukuji Station or Keihan Tobakaido Station. * n


4000 USD



JR Kyoto Station West Exit.



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