Take a Historical Trip through Kyoto

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Join the fun of our historical time travel through Kyoto starting at the founding in 794. We will take you on a trip through time. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of choosing when to join and when to finish and meet new people along the way!n


Heian Shrine and background on founding of Kyoto * Learn about Zen Buddhism and Tea Ceremony * Hear the tales of the Samurai and Shogun * Discover the art and entertainment world of Gion * Ultimate flexibility and variety of choice


10:00-12:00 City of Peace & Tranquility * Kyoto was the capital for over 1000 years from 794-1868. Take a visit to Heian Shrine, a beautiful replica of the Imperial Palace of old. Stroll the vast gardens, learning about ancient Japan as well as Shinto and Buddhism. Walk the Philosopher Path to Honen-In and take in the breathtaking mountain temple scenery. * 13:00-15:00 City of Zen * Learn about the influence of the warrior class in society and the rise of the humble tea ceremony as an art form in Japan. Visit a typical Zen Temple and practice seated meditation while gazing at the world famous sand gardens. Discover how ‰ÛÏbushido‰Û� or the way of the samurai still influences modern Japanese culture today. * 15:00-17:00 City of Shogun & Samurai * The medieval period of Japan led to the rise of the Shogunate who held power over the land rather than the emperor. This period saw the unification of Japan under three powerful leaders, which later led to the Meiji Uprising a precursor to the modernization of Japan. Visit Nijo Castle and other sights of importance and learn of the forces that helped shaped today‰Ûªs Japan. * 17:00-19:00 City of Arts & Culture * The rise of the merchant class and flourishing of the arts are truly evident in Kyoto. If one place can distinguish itself as the centre of it all, it‰Ûªs Gion. Wander cobbled streets and discover the rich history of the era. Learn about the Geisha and Maiko as you roam the neighbourhoods where they still live today. Also, we get a chance to visit the iconic Kiyomizu Temple at the best time of day as the sun sets in the Western sky. * BEST PART of this plan is you can choose what segments you want to join. Just one, two, three or all four! Book all four and get the fourth experience for half price.n


3500 USD



Meeting points will differ from section to section. Ask for a detailed map.



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