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Ifuki is a traditional restaurant in Kyoto that serves “Kappo” cuisine. Its located on the famous Hanami Koji street which is lined with tea houses and restaurants. You can even see “Maiko” or “Geiko”, traditional Japanese entertainers, walking by.


Savor traditional Japanese dishes prepared by a master chef., “Enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto, Japans ancient capital city.”, Take a walk around the area and enjoy Kenjinji Temple and Yasaka Street.


“Kappo” literally means, “to cut food by knife then cook in fire.” Its original definition is the foundation of Japanese cooking today. * Ifukis master chef is passionate about the beauty of charcoal fire cooking, which adds a rich, smoky flavor to each dish and enhances the taste of the “umami”; a deep, almost indescribable taste known in Japanese traditional cuisine. * Ifuki only uses top quality ingredients including fatty Basque pork in spring and autumn and Jinhua pork in summer. As this type of cuisine reflects the most basic and traditional style of cooking, the quality of the ingredients is the most important consideration. * Ifuki is located in a renovated Machiya townhouse and guests are served dishes in “kaiseki” style, which means small and intricately prepared. * Ifuki has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars. * Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, such as: * Appetizer with 5 dishes: * – Snow crab sushi * – Mixed tempura of botan shrimp * – Ice goby with grated daikon dressing * – Pen shell with sweet sour miso sauce * – Boiled garland chrysanthemum with sesame vinegar dressing and dried persimmon * Sashimi: * – Lightly broiled fugu (puffer fish) with milt sauce * – Skin of puffer fish with ponzu sauce * – Lightly broiled tuna with wasabi & grated daikon * * Clear soup with grilled puffer fish milt * Grilled dishes * – Grilled mackerel pressed sushi * – Grilled nodoguro, rozy seabass * Turnip porridge with dried mullet roe for palate cleanser * Grilled meat: * – Grilled duck meat with dried figs * Nagaimo yam and apple julienne strips with grated apple sauce * – Rice with pickled vegetables * – Seasonal fruit, fresh pear * – Green tea & home-made monaka, red bean paste wafer , “A qualified sommelier, the chef matches flavorful dishes with great wine or sake. Ifuki has two private rooms (for 2 to 8 people) and 9 counter seats where guests can watch how culinary master cook the fresh ingredients to perfection over hot charcoal. Located on the well-known Hanami Koji street lined with traditional Machiya houses where Maiko or apprentice Geiko walk by, Ifuki is the best place to dine and enjoy the atmosphere of Japans ancient capital city.”, Ifuki is considered to be one of the most difficult restaurants to get a reservation for in Kyoto. Use our reservation services and book your seat today! * Hours of Operation: * Open (for dinner only): Everyday (Except Tuesdays) * Hours: 17:00-23:00 * Average cost: 20,000 ‰ÛÒ 29,999 JPY * ***If you miss your restaurant reservation, you will be required to pay the course fee for each person who was not able to attend. We will send you a payment link for this fee. If your payment is not received, the fee will be automatically charge to your credit card account. We strongly recommend that you kindly visit the restaurant as scheduled. We promise it will be a great experience!


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Ifuki, Kyoto



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