Practice Spiritual Water Dance Healing in Kyoto

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Integrating the heart of Japanese traditional dance and the method of the movement based on Expressive Arts Therapy, this session is to create your own ritual of rebirth and rejuvenation through dance and art in a quiet northern suburb of Kyoto.n


Visit an ancient sacred water site of Kyoto * Experience the movement based Expressive Arts Therapy * Learn about the genesis of the Japanese spirituality. * Learn about the Japanese traditional dance. * Create your own ritual for your healing, rejuvenation and discovery.


From the ancient times human beings searched for water for their survival. Here in Japan, shaman women went to water for purification, rejuvenation and inspiration. * In this 3-hour session, you will visit a sacred waterfall whose historical record goes back to more than a thousand years ago. * Tapping into the tradition of water and sun rituals of Japan, you will be led to create your own ritual for your healing, rejuvenation and discovery based on traditional Japanese dance and the method of the Expressive Arts Therapy. * Art supplies will be provided for this experience. * Please wear comfortable clothing.n


8800 USD




Iwakura Jissoin Temple, Kyoto



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