Flower Decoration Lesson in a Russian church gallery, Kyoto

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The experience of flower decoration mixing Western style and Japanese style will become an unusual memory.The old Russian church gallery, the place pf our flower decoration experience, is also a very beautiful building in Kyoto near Gosho palace.n


Use Japanese flowers and Westen flowers for a mixed-style decoration * Good location near Gosho Imperial Palace, and tje shopping areas Shijo, Karasuma Oike station * The place is a beautiful old and unusal Russian church gallery * You can learn about beautiful flower decoration * The area is near nice cafes and shops


You can experience the art of flower decoration which mixes the Western and Japanese styles in a beautiful way. * The venue, the Russian church gallery, is also very beautiful. You can enjoy the flower experience and the atmosphere of the unusual old Russian church in Kyoto!, “The lesson starts with an easy decoration so dont worry if you do not have any prior experience.”, The flowers decoration experience takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The materials are prepared for you (flowers, vase and other materials) * We will provide seasonal flowers for this experience.n


12500 USD



The Russian church in Kyoto, near Karasuma Oike Station or Shijo.



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