Book an exclusive private dinner with a maiko in Kyoto

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Although visitors of Kyoto have many chances to observe geisha performances in popular touristic venues, most of the actual “ochaya” tea houses are not open to general audience. In this activity you will enter one such place with a real maiko!n


Enter a traditional-style Japanese restaurant or tea house that is not open to the general public * Have an exclusive dinner in the company of an authentic Kyoto maiko (geisha apprentice), “Relish the delicate taste of Kyotos cuisine”, Depending on the season, you can enter gardens and temples that are not open to the public * Book a truly unique experience that is not offered to most travelers!


Kyotos Gion and Higashiyama districts are well-known as the Mecca of geisha art in Japan. Visitors strolling the narrow streets of the neighbourhood at evening time have the chance to spot a geiko (Kyoto geisha) or a maiko (apprentice) entering one of the numerous traditional-style Japanese restaurants or “ochaya” tea houses. Every night there is a private dinner or a banquet for small groups who have been granted exclusive access to the restaurants that are not usually open to the general public. Inside the guests are served an authentic Japanese-style kaiseki multi-dish dinner and are entertained by one or more geisha artists in the most authentic manner. * All of this is usually a private and closed-doors event that is offered only to special guests. Tourists typically visit one of the popular public facilities in Gion to watch a maiko stage show, but this in no way resembles the authentic experience of dining in an “ochaya” in the company of a well-trained maiko. * By booking this activity you will have the chance to enter private Japanese-style restaurants that are not generally open to everyone. You will be accompanied by a genuine Kyoto geiko and a local interpreter, who has special access to the “ochaya”, and will spend about 3 hours in a wonderful and authentic Japanese setting. The maiko artist will casually chat with you, serve you drinks, and even play easy games with you or show you some of her dancing abilities. You will be served a gorgeous Japanese-style dinner with top-quality sake. * Depending on the season, this activity may include also a visit to a temple to see the night illuminations or to a Japanese garden that is not usually open to public. Your guide will inform you about the seasonal activities when you book. * Please note that the maiko does not speak English fluently and you will have a guide-interpreter. Depending on the restaurant, you may be in a private room or in a room with other guests. The authenticity of this experience is guaranteed!n


60000 USD




The restaurant will be in Higashiyama or Gion area. You will get more information after booking.



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