Visit Ena Gorge & Shirakawago & Stay At 5 Stars Hotel!

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Have a splendid winter journey by visiting Gifu and enjoy the great nature of Ena Gorge and Shirakawago! Stay at the 5 stars hotel and rejuvenate your body by soaking into a big open air bath! Also enjoy Hidas most famous delicacies, Hida beef!n ”


Visit Ena Gorge and Shirakawago for its beautiful nature and panoramic view! * Stay at our five stars hotel and relieve your fatigue by soaking into the hot springs!, “Enjoy Hidas most famous all-you-can-eat Hida beef dinner only with this program!”


This journey starts at Ena, a small town in Gifu where the beautiful Ena Valley is located. Ena Gorge is a man-made lake, which is formed from the construction of a dam down by the river. In the spring, Ena Gorge is filled with the blooming cherry blossoms, and in the fall, Ena Gorge is filled with the red autumn leaves, which is very beautiful. You can cruise along the valley if you want to by paying the extra charge for 1,150 JPY on site. * You will have lunch by yourself at Ena, or you can choose one of the optional menu for the lunch when reserving this tour program. The menu for the lunch is as follows: * – Ena chicken, mushroom nabe hotpot, and rice with mountain vegetables lunch box * – Hida beef sukiyaki lunch box * After lunch, you will visit Butai Toge Pass, a recreational area close to Gero area for shopping. After spending some time at Butai Toge Pass, this journey will take you to Gero Onsen Suimeikan, a five stars hotel in Gero. Enjoy relaxing yourself in the Cypress aroma bath and have a delicious kaiseki dinner at the dining room while enjoying the chef preparing your meal in an open kitchen. * On the second day, you will visit Hida Takayama to walk around and to explore its great nature. Please have your own lunch at Hida Takayama before heading to Shirakawago. * After lunch, you will visit Shirakawago, a village registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is famous for its thatched roofs houses. Stroll around and explore the local culture of Shirakawago before heading back to Kansai! * The itinerary for this tour is as follows: * Day 1 * – Depart from Kyoto (7:50) or Umeda (8:00) * – Visit Ena and have your lunch there (50 minutes) * – Visit Ena Gorge and stroll around (40 minutes) * – Visit Butai Toge Pass and shop around (25 minutes) * – Visit Gero Onsen Suimeikan and spend the night there * Day 2 * – Visit Hida Takayama and walk around (60 minutes) * – Visit Takayama and have your lunch there (50 minutes) * – Visit Shirakawago and walk around (60 minutes) * – Arrive at Namba and Umeda (19:00-20:30) * This tour is provided by YOKOSO Japan Tour * Check the Tour Conditions link below. * * To see a sakura forecast and more cherry blossom tours in Japan, please check here:


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