View Cherry Blossoms in Hyogo on a Bus Tour from Kyoto

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This is a day tour plan for enjoying cherry blossom: Sakura, in some Japanese historical places and having French cuisine for lunch at an old Japanese building. n


Enjoy the cherry blossom at some historical places in Hyogo prefecture. * Eat at a French restaurant. * Visit a Japanese castle. * Experience a Japanese old house while enjoying French cuisine.


This plan is only held on Mar 29, 30, Apr 1, 3, but its the season for seeing sakura. The tour bus will pick you up from Kyoto and take you to Hyogo Prefecture and return you at the end of the day. Your guide will tell you all about the historical facts regarding each site and take you to some of the best spots to see the sakura views! The restaurant also gives you a quirky taste of Japanese style, since this building is an old wooden house as you can see from the photos. “, Schedule: * Meeting at Kyoto Hachijou-guchi (7:45) * or Kyoto Shijou Omiya (8:00) * A bus tour to Sasayama Castle, Kasuga Shrine, Himeji Castle and lunch at a french restaurant Nipponia. * Arriving back at the place you were picked up. (18:00-19:00) * *When the participants do not reach 28 people , the tour will not be operated. * – Sasayama Castle * A historic place located in Hyogo prefecture, the castle was build in 1608. Now we only see remains such as stone walls and the rebuilt Oosyoin building. This place is famous for 1000 Sakura trees which were planted all around the castle. * – Kasuga Shrine * Located close to Sasayama Castle and famous for Nougaku stage, a classical Japanese musical drama stage. * – French restaurant Nipponia * Also located close to Sasayama castle and famous for its quirky atmosphere, this restaurant is a part of a hotel which used to be old Japanese houses. * – Himeji castle * Built in 1346 it is a World Cultural Heritage site and a National treasure. * This castle is also surrounded by 1000 Sakura trees and chosen as one of “100 of the most famous places for seeing Sakura.”n


13900 USD



Kyoto Hachijou-guchi (7:45)



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