Sightsee on Kyoto Tour via Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto

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Speed to Kyoto from Tokyo by Shinkansen. This plan includes an English speaking tour-guide. You will visit historically famous spots in Kyotos ancient capital. Wonder at UNESCO World Heritage, Nijo Castle. Visit the Golden Temple.n ”


Book a Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto!, “Enjoy Kyotos popular sightseeing spots with a local guide.”, Visit the Golden Temple: Kinkakuji. * Wonder at UNESCO World Heritage, Nijo Castle.


This plan is a one-day return-trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by the fastest Shinkansen, Nozomi., “If you take this tour plan, you will speed to Kyoto by the Tokaido Shinkansen line and Nozomi Shinkansen which is famous as the fastest bullet train in Japan. With the Nozomi Shinkansen you can expect a comfortable trip to Kyoto on an incredibly precise service. During the train trip, you can enjoy a scenic view of Mt. Fuji and Biwa Lake which are an excellent representation of Japans nature. Then discover historical buildings and associated historical places. “, You will also have the opportunity to try ‰ÛÏEkiben‰Û� which is a Japanese bento sold on a train or at a train station. Each station and train has their own special ekiben, based on the local cuisine lunch and it is one of the highlight of a riding Shinkansen. If you are interested in trying an ekiben, you can choose one from a wide range at Tokyo station., “On the tour you will visit three of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto. Nijo Castle is a UNESCO registered building which was once the house for the shogun and his visitors. The Kinkakuji, which is Japans famous Golden Temple which is covered in gold, and surrounded by a traditional Japanese pond. The last attraction is the Kyoto Imperial Palace which was once a residence of the Emperor of Japan.”, Schedule Details: * 06:00 : Check in and departure time * -Tokyo Shinagawa/ Yokohama Shin-Yokohama * -Arrival Kyoto Station * -Nijo Castle (50 min) * -Kinkakuji Temple (40 min) * -Kyoto Imperial Palace (40 min) * 12:40-13:00 : Afternoon – Free Time * 20:00 : Kyoto Train Station * 22:30-23:20 : Tour ends upon reaching Tokyo, Shinagawa or Shin-Yokohama Station * ‰ÛÈAbout Tickets‰ÛÈ , “- We cannot 100% guarantee tickets. After we confirm your booking, we will purchase them for you as soon as possible, but please be aware theres always a slight chance for them to sell out in the meantime.”, – In addition, you may not be able to receive a refund once we obtain tickets for you. * – In the event we cannot acquire tickets, we will reimburse you the full cost. * – Please reserve weekend tickets early because they sell out fast. * ‰ÛÈ Important Ticket Delivery & Pickup Information – Please Read Carefully ‰ÛÈ * 1. Ticket Delivery * We will deliver your tickets to your hotel in advance for your concierge to hold for you. The tickets will be available upon check-in. If you would like us to deliver the tickets to your hotel, please provide us with the following information: * – Hotel name * – The full name used for your reservation * – Check-in date * Please note:, “- We require at least 3 full business days for delivery. If placing a last minute booking within 3 days of your visit, or if you do not provide us your hotel information at least 3 full business days prior your ticket date, youll need to collect your tickets from our Tokyo office in Shibuya.”, – If your hotel reservation details change, please tell us immediately through the Voyagin dashboard. * – We only deliver to hotels with a concierge with whom we can confirm the receipt of the ticket delivery. We do not deliver tickets to hostels, guesthouses, or private residences. Please let us know if you are not staying at a hotel so we can provide our office details for you to pickup the tickets. * 2. Ticket Pickup: * If you are not staying at a hotel, book within 3 days of the ticket date, or prefer to pickup your tickets, you can collect your tickets from our Tokyo office in Shibuya. Our office is located 6 minutes (on foot) from Shibuya station. * Address: * (English) Miyamasu ON Building 5th floor, 1-15-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo * (Japanese) ‹ÛÕ150-0002 ¾�±Š¼ÂŽÄ_¾üÜ�¡áŒÎ¼¾üÜ�¡á 1-15-8 Œ¨¨�Ý_ ON ‹ÄÒ‹ÄÇ 5F * Detailed Directions (Shibuya station to Voyagin): * Google Map (Shibuya station to Voyagin):


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Shinagawa or Shin-Yokohama Train Station, Tokyo, Yokohama



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