Rent a kimono near Kyoto Station and wear it for a day

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Kyoto has many old temples and shrines that you can visit dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. Sightseeing in a kimono is a very exciting experience. You can rent a kimono near Kyoto Station and then go explore the old city!n


Choose your favourite kimono among a wide selection * Receive professional assistance with dressing in the kimono * As an add-on option, you can get a hairstyle set * Take many photos of yourself dressed in kimono * Enjoy sightseeing in the old city Kyoto


In this activity, you can rent a kimono from a rental shop located just 5 minutes away from Keihan Shichijo Station. You will receive professional assistance with wearing the kimono, so there is no need to worry if you have never worn a kimono before. Additionally, you can book a professional hairstyle set to match your kimono attire. You will have photos of you dressed in kimono taken (please bring your camera) and then you will go out to explore the beautiful old city Kyoto! * Below is the schedule of this activity: * Select a kimono (10-20 minutes) – There are plenty to choose from! * Receive professional help to dress yourself in the kimono (30 minutes) * Optional: Hairstyle set (15-20 minutes) * Take photos of yourself in kimono (10 minutes) * In total: 1.5 hours * At the end of the day, please come back and return the kimono to the rental shop before 9:00pm. Optionally, you can return the kimono to your hotel and book the delivery option. * ——————————————————————————————————————————————- * You can rent luxurious high-quality kimono for an additional price. * Yukata is available in summer. * Our kimonos come in standard Japanese sizes: S, M, L. There are no children kimonos. Please ask in advance for special sizes. * The rental shop opens upon appointments only. Please tell me your preferred time when you book. n


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