Kyoto university COI “The innovation center towards a smart, flexible, and accommodating society” – Kyoto Smart City Expo 2017

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Highlights Kyoto university research and develop technologies which will be needed after 10years, put them into practical use, and so develop “a smart, flexible, and accommodating society”.
By collaborating with about 30 companies, we develop
products and service by which all people can be active life, so aim to construct the society which people have no anxiety to energy, isolation and health.
We cancel the anxiety to energy by “Microwave electric power transmission”
and “Solid-hydrogen sourced fuel cell”, watch life by “Advanced sensor” and “Walk support device”, and cancel the anxiety to health by “Regenerative medicine support technology using iPS cell”.
Contact Contact personnel : Masayuki Okuzawa  TEL : 075-753-5641  Mail :

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