Explore Arima Onsen, from Osaka or Kyoto!

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Explore one of Japans oldest hot spring resorts, Arima onsen! Stroll the town feeling its unique and traditional atmosphere. Take a bath in a hot spring which has a variety of medicinal benefits for your skin and body.n ”


“Explore one of Japans oldest hot spring resorts”, A short trip from Osaka or Kyoto * Take a bath in the “Golden hot spring” and “Silver hot spring” * Eat a beautifull Japanese dinner and breakfast at your hotel


Arima onsen, to the north of Mt. Rokko in Kobe, is one of Japans oldest hot spring resorts along with Dogo Onsen in Ehime prefecture, and Shirahama Onsen in Wakayama prefecture. “, The hot spring has a history of over one thousand and is located just 1 hour away from Osaka, and 1.5 hours away from Kyoto, and is therefore a very convenient place for short trips. * According to mythology, it is said that Arima Onsen was founded by ancient gods. One day, when the gods passed the by, they noticed three injured crows bathing in a puddle. After a few days they were completely cured because the puddle was a hot spring with the ability to cure injuries and sickness. * The quality of spring water in Arima Onsen is quite unique because its origin is not from a volcano as is usually the case! Instead its water comes from cracks deep inside the ground and is therefore full of natural elements. * There are two types of hot spring water which spring up at various places around the town. One is known as “Kinsen” (Golden hot spring) and the other is known as ‰ÛÏGinsen” (Silver hot spring). * The Golden hot spring is coloured brown due to salt and iron deposits, and said to be effective for skin ailments and muscle pain. The Silver hot spring water is clear, containing radium and carbonate, and is said to be able to cure body tissue, various muscle and joint ailments, and also to enhance natural healing abilities. Visitors or guests can enjoy those two hot springs by bathing at public bath houses or at their ryokan (Japanese style hotel). Rokkosen Ropeway also attracts visitors to Arima Onsen. The view from the top of Mt. Rokko is amazing especially at night. * The schedule for this experience is below; * Overnight stay * 1st day * -Travel from Osaka or Kyoto to Arima (1-1.5h) * -Check in at a hotel * -Enjoy taking a bath or strolling around. * -Overnight Stay at a Japanese or a Western style room and have a delicious Japanese course dinner * 2nd day * -Have breakfast * -Return to Osaka from Kinosaki * (Check out time depends on the hotel and your tour) * Day trip * 1st day * -Travel from Osaka or Kyoto to Arima (1-1.5h) * -Check in at a hotel and rest at your room * -Enjoy a delicious Japanese lunch or dinner * -Enjoy taking a bath or strolling around. * -Return to Osaka from Kinosaki * (Check out time depends on your hotel and your tour) * You can chose between various levels of luxury and regular ryokans.n


25000 USD



JR Osaka or Kyoto station



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