Enjoy the Public Bath and Izakaya in Kyoto

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There is nothing better than a cold beer after a relaxing, hot bath. The Japanese people love to take a bath, and is known to be a country for great hot springs, also known as the onsen. However, not many people know about the sento, which are old public bath houses, that rely more on tap water, rather than natural springs. Like the onsen, the sento acts as an important social hub for the Japanese, and are much cheaper than the onsen. The sento also has a beautiful, dynamic artwork drawn on the walls above the bath, which you can gaze at while you relax, and talk with the locals who also visit the sento. “, “We will be visiting Kyotos most famous sento, Funaoka Onsen! This onsen was built in 1923, and is considered to be one of the best public bath houses in Kyoto, due to the superlative decoration inside. Once we are inside the bath, i will teach you how the local Japanese people take a bath in Japan. I will be providing small towels for you to use in the bath, so you dont have to prepare anything!”, “After a nice, long, bath, we will be visiting a local izakaya, which is a Japanese tapas styled pub, for some tasty Japanese food and beer. I would like to get to know you better, and would like to answer any questions you have on Japan! Lets enjoy exchanging ideas on how you can maximize your fun here in Japan! “, I look forward to meeting you! I promise you that this trip will be amazing, and will provide you with an experience that you can only do in Japan! * n


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