Enjoy The Ninja Training Dojo and Items Store in Kyoto!

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Learn ninja skills with the original and unique short Ninja training courses at Ninja Dojo and Store, an experience which cannot be found anywhere else. Learn Ninja meditation techniques, as well as hands-on Ninja weapons training.n


Learn how to breathe like a Ninja * Learn how to move like a Ninja * Learn to use Ninja weapons * Short instructional classes * A fun and educational experience


Ninja Dojo and Store in Kyoto is highly praised by foreign visitors (holding first place in Shopping destinations in Kyoto at TripAdvisor and second place in Activities). A descendant of a ninja from the Iga school will teach you the traditional techniques and practices of ninja. The Dojo is also a ninja trick house, allowing to know the typical traps and tricks. This is a real training course in which you can change to the traditional ninja clothes and learn how to use the ninja weapons used in the old times. * Next to the Dojo is the ninja store where you can buy unique ninja-related goods and weapons. * As fans of martial arts movies will know, the ninja were the special forces of feudal Japan, experts in infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. However, this image reflects only part of the truth. In reality, the art of ninja included also techniques for avoiding war and techniques for surviving. This is because ninja were used as spies in order to collect information about the enemy and prevent an open war. They had to survive to deliver the secret information they obtained even if facing severe hardships. The ninja training activity aims to convey this spirit of war-avoidance and survival in everyday life. * This is a group lesson. If there are 6 or more people in your group, a private training can be arranged (please contact us for details). * Choose between the following training courses: * Basic Ninja Course (entry level): * A 1-hour entry-level class that teaches ninja meditation “Kuji-In”, ninja breathing, ninja walking, introduction gimmick and trap at ninja trick house, demonstration and training for ninja sword, sword training, kunai (dagger) training, shuriken (ninja star) training, ninja blowgun (blow darts) training. * Elementary Ninja Training Course (includes basic course + extra): * A 2-hour course combining the 1-hour entry level course with a 1-hour advanced skills course. Learn to use ninja weapons and practice kusarigama (chain-sickle), kunai with rope, ninja sword with shuriken, rope techniques, and stick type shuriken. * Schedule of the lessons: * from 10:00 am: Elementary Ninja Training Course * from 13:00 pm: Basic Ninja Course * from 15:00 pm: Basic Ninja Course * from 17:00 pm: Basic Ninja Course * Please select one of the time slots above when booking. * Available every day, except during December 24 – January 10, Golden Week (April 29 – May 5), Gion Festival (July 13-23) and Obon holidays (August 10-16). * Prices include: * Ninja costumes rental for lessons; guidance in English; entrance fee to the Dojo. * Ninja Dojo and Store is open from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm * Access: 3 minutes on foot from Shijo-Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.n


8000 USD



At the Dojo (located near Shijo-Karasuma). Pick up service is not available. We will give you the address after you book.



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