Enjoy spa program that balances your 5 Senses only in Kyoto!

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This spa program offers you an ultimate relaxation that combines body treatments, exercises and food that rebalances your body & soul! This program will improve your blood circulation and you will have chances to learn the culture of Kyoto in depth!n


Ultimate relaxation program that combines body treatments, exercises and food to rebalance your body and soul * Promotes blood circulation improvement and learn the culture of Kyoto in depth * Harmonize your posture, breathing, and mind with this treatment


Join and enjoy this spa program that gives you an ultimate relaxation experience only in Kyoto! This spa program combines treatments and food that balance your five senses!, “This spa program will harmonize your postures, breathing, and mind, giving you results of self-improvement. This program will also improve your bodys blood circulation and give you chances to learn about Kyotos culture in depth.”, The schedule of the program will be as follows: * Day 1 * – Hotel check-in 15:00 * – Medical Interview and acupuncture (1 hour), scent bag making (1 hour) 16:00 * – Hoshinoya Special vegetarian dinner 18:30 * – Medical Herbs Bath 21:00 * Day 2 * – Experiencing morning duties 5:00 * – Deep breathing at the waterfront 8:00 * – Hoshinoya Special Kyoto Morning Hotpot 9:00 * – Medical Herbs Tea 10:30 * – Hotel check-out 12:00, “Spoil your tummy with a splendid vegetarian dinner and Kyotos original hotpot breakfast, and experience the morning duties at the temple and learn how to make scent bags!”, Overnight accommodations and transportation are not included in this program, so you have to book them separately. * Reservation is difficult to make, so we suggest you to use our service to book with no hassles!n


116000 USD



Hoshinoya Kyoto



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