Enjoy Sakura from the water and the air near Kyoto!

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Embrace the magical beauty of Sakura! , “Each season in Japan has its own charm – in Spring, its Sakura (cherry blossoms). This tour provides a unique opportunity to view Sakura from all angles – a boat, a ropeway, an open air bath, and a coach. n ”


Enjoy a spectacular aerial view of Sakura and Lake Biwa from a ropeway. * Kick back on a boat cruise and view Sakura lining the lake shore of Kaizu-Osaki. * Soak up the pleasure of an open air bath while viewing Sakura. * Take a magical bus drive through a 23 km-long Sakura tunnel.


The custom of Hanami (Sakura blossom viewing) is celebrated every year in Japan during spring. While often its a picnic or a walk in a park, this tour give you the unique experiences of viewing Sakura also from the air and the water.”, Nestled by the Hira Mountain range in the Shiga prefecture lies the largest freshwater lake in Japan, Lake Biwa. The valley of Lake Biwa is known for its stunning views of Sakura blossoms. * This is a one-day bus tour from Kyoto to Lake Biwa in Shiga to see Sakura. * Below is the schedule of the tour: * 1. Pick up * – 8:00 am Hachijou-guchi, Kyoto * – 8:15 am Shijou-omiya, Kyoto * 2. Bus to Lake Biwa valley * + Ropeway trip * Sit back in a ropeway ride an enjoy enjoy a fantastic aerial view of Lake Biwa and Sakura. * + Kaizu-Osaki * Rated one of the Top 100 places in Japan to view Sakura by the Japan Sakura Association, on this tour you get to escape the crowds and enjoy an exclusive view of the 4 km Sakura-lined lake shore of Kaizu-Osaki from the comfort of a boat cruise. * + Tsudurao hotel, “Enjoy a lunch of Japanese seasonal foods, then soak up the days experiences in an open air bath, complete with a view of Sakura. “, + Okubiwako parkway * Finally, wrap up the day with coach ride through a tunnel lined with 4000 Sakura trees stretching for 23 km. * 3. Return * 18:30-20:00 pm – arrive back to your pick up place. * n


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