Enjoy Maiko Show & Kyoto Cuisine in Gion, Kyoto!

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On this bus tour, you can enjoy watching a Maiko show and also have delicious Kyoto cuisine for dinner in Gion, Kyoto. You can even see the fascinating night view at the summit of Higashiyama, so dont miss this chance to fully enjoy Kyoto culture!n ”


Watch beautiful Maiko performing in their traditional district, Gion. * Enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine with its sensitive taste and beautiful appearance. * See the fascinating night view from the summit of Mount Higashiyama.


This is a 4-hour bus tour, which you can watch Maiko show at Gion, enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine, and even see the beautiful night view at the summit of Higashiyama! * First of all, you can watch the Maiko show at Gion, which is one of the most traditional districts in Japan. Maikos are traditional performers who sing, dance, and play Japanese traditional instruments such as koto or shamisen for visitors. The way they dance is very fascinating and you may only experience this in Kyoto! * Kyoto cuisine, which is also known as “”Kyo-ryori””, is the generic term of traditional Japanese cuisine made in Kyoto that includes Daikyo-ryori (grand banquet), Shojin-ryori (vegetarian dishes), Honzen-ryori (a high-grade Japanese meal served at once), Kaiseki (tea ceremony dishes), and Obanzai (side dishes featuring seasonal ingredients). With its sensitive tasting broth and beautiful appearance, eating Kyoto cuisine is one of the most popular activities in Japan. * Higashiyama summit park is designated as a historical climate preservation district and you can see the night view from there on this tour. Needless to say, it is well-known as one of the best night views in Kyoto!, “If you join this tour, you can enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine, watch a Maiko show and also see the beautiful night view. Dont miss this opportunity to fully enjoy Kyotos traditional culture!”, This tour starts at 5pm at Kyoto station Karasumaru exit. You will receive multi-lingual audio guide during the experience. * This tour is available everyday until September 30th, 2016. * Notice: This tour will not be operated on April 2nd, 3rd, July 15th, 16th, 17th, 24th, August 16th) * n


10200 USD




JR Kyoto Station (Karasuma Entrance) Bus Terminal, in front of Isetan Department Store (17:00)



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