Come Visit and Eat @Kyoto University!

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If you don‰Ûªt visit Kyoto, you cannot say you come to Japan. Kyoto is the heart of Japanese culture. * You are guaranteed that you will enjoy the city surrounding by traditional architecture starting from world heritage shrines and temples and also will be impressed how international its atmosphere is. * This harmonization of traditions and global trends has inspired people a lot. In fact, there are eight Nobel Prize winners (most recent October 2012; Shinya Yamanaka for iPS Cell Research) from Kyoto University, one of the prestigious worldwide research institutes. * Kyoto is also famous for the center of Japanese technology. * In this activity, * You can * – talk with Kyoto University students * – walk around university with me * – check out typical Japanese school cafeteria to eat. (Food price is not included) * I can talk anything starting from global issues, politics, history, japanese companies (especially traditional typical big japanese companies) to where to visit in Kyoto such as shrine, temples and cafe 🙂 , “Im looking forward to see you!!n ”


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