Authentic Japanese Cooking Class

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I would like to offer you a Japanese cooking class in English! * It will cover two lessons: * Lecture (30min), Cooking (80min), Tasting, Tidying up * ‰ÐÊSushi & Dashi (broth) class * ‹ÄÈ an aperitif * ‹ÄÈ two kinds of sushi * ‹ÄÈ soup * ‹ÄÈ two or three side dishes * ‹ÄÈ dessert * ‰ÐÊTeriyaki chicken Class * ‹ÄÈ an aperitif * ‹ÄÈ teriyaki chicken * ‹ÄÈ two or three side dishes * ‹ÄÈ miso soup * ‹ÄÈ rice * ‹ÄÈ dessert * Furthermore, I am not only offering cooking but also history, table manner and more. * You will learn: * ‹ÄÈJapanese table manners * ‹ÄÈthe history and culture of Japanese cuisine * ‹ÄÈand much more!, “Id like to show Japanese culture and customs to you as well.”, Japan has four seasons, each of which has its own seasonal festivals and a variety of annual events. * Knowing the history of traditional events and how people celebrate them will make your stay in Japan much more enjoyable. * Even little knowledge of table manners help to feel much more relaxed in Japanese restaurants! * I will be happy to assist and give hints and information about variations of the recipes, using different ingredients when you return home. * A real cultural experience! * I am looking forward to seeing you and having a good time together!n


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